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Plata Mexicana Ley .925

El Taller Creativo Pérez certifica que todas nuestras piezas están elaboradas con Plata de Ley .925 y que se producen bajo los mejores controles de calidad en todo su proceso


Alta Temperatura (Stoneware). Nuestras piezas están producidas con pastas y esmaltes de la mejor calidad, se hornean a una temperatura de 1300°C y cuidamos todos los detalles en su elaboración


Hecho a Mano. Transformamos y adaptamos la rica cultura Mexicana en piezas dignas de lucirse en nuestros hogares y en nuestras personas. Todo Hecho con nuestras Manos y con Nuestros Corazones.

Silver .925

As samples of the cultural richness of Mexico, suns, moons, naguals, eagles, fish and fantastic characters are transformed into delicate works that we put in your hands.


The designs of our pieces are representative of the historical artisan tradition of Tonalá, they are a mixture of our roots with an avant-garde and contemporary touch.


Tonalá is a place with magic, where artisans transform clay into art, production continues in traditional techniques, but is enriched with colonial and contemporary influences, resulting in proposals that can already be considered as an important part of Mexican ceramics.


“Sergio Pérez Arana has been recognized on several occasions for his career as a craftsman and has also received some awards in handicraft and ceramic competitions at the local, state and national levels for his works in contemporary ceramic techniques, metalwork and pieces of wax. Thanks to his profession, he has had the great pride and satisfaction of traveling to various places where he is recognized for his contribution to the cultural heritage of Tonalá, Jalisco and Mexico”.

Galardon Jalisco

1er lugar

categoria: metalisteria y vidrio


Gobierno de Jalisco

Galardon Jalisco

2do lugar

categoria: Alfarería Contemporánea


Gobierno de Jalisco

Reconocimiento por trayectoria como artesano y artista asi como aportes a la formacion de estudiantes


Universidad de Guadalajara

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Herencia Milenaria

We are proudly part of the collective of traditional and contemporary artists from Tonalá Jalisco «Millennial Heritage», which began activities in 2006. Since its foundation we have assumed the task of organizing ourselves to work collectively in favor of the conservation and promotion of the ancestral. tradition of our municipality, ceramics.


Today «Millennial Heritage» continues to work constantly to carry out projects, courses and activities with which it can continue to spread the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Tonalá Jalisco, Mexico

Herencia Milenaria Magazine

Tonallan Route

The Tonallan Route is part of the Jalisco Routes project, which seeks to promote the economic reactivation of municipalities to attract local, national and international tourism, with a focus on the vocation of each region.

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